Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in beautie_tips,
Jessa Flux

2 questions!

I have two beauty questions.

One is, what are some of your favorite makeup items that are water proof and smudge proof? I mean like you can put this shit on and run a marathon or swim 10 laps and your face will still be perfectly painted...

I am interested in:
eyeliner (liquid or pencil)
eyebrow pencil (I draw mine in completely and damnit I want them to stay on after an entire night of debauchery!
whatever else may come to mind...

My second question is for those of you that know hair extensions:
How long can I expect these type of extensions to last:

This will be my first time with this sort of extension and I want to kind of be able to gauge how long it will be before I can do them again... Also if you have ever done these... about how long did they take from start to finish?

NOTE! I am crossposting this in both makeup and hair communities so if you are in a hair community and know some makeup shit don't hesitate to share the mighty knowledge.
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